Red Sea Endemic Fishes & Red Sea forms


Cheilinus lunulatus: Broomtail Wrasse. Red Sea and Gulf of Oman. Male, female and intermediate stage.

Cirrhilabrus rubriventralis : Social Wrasse. Red Sea, central and northern. Oddly, also reported from Oman and Sri Lanka. Male,female and juvenile. Photos, central Red Sea.

Gomphosus caeruleus : Red Sea Bird Wrasse. Red Sea form. Male,female and juvenile.

Larabicus quadrilineatus : Fourline Wrasse. Red Sea and Gulf of Aden. Male,female and juvenile.

Macropharyngodon biparitus marisrubri : Vermiculate Wrasse. Red Sea form. Male and female.

Minilabrus striatus : Minute Wrasse. Red Sea. Male & female. Photos, Jeddah & Farasan.

Paracheilinus octotaenia : Eightline Wrasse. Red Sea. Male, female and breeding male.

Thalassoma rueppellii : Klunzinger's Wrasse. Red Sea. Male & female are similar.

Species not shown:

Cirrhilabrus blatteus : Purple-boned Wrasse. Red Sea